Monday, October 12, 2009

I made a blog.
my own blog, not the wannabe family blog!
check it out!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

8 things....

*tagged by Shauni*
8 things I did yesterday
*played risk with Dallin and Justin
*Went to BYC
*Played piano with Marie
*went to Relief Society
*played tetris
*talked to Johny Crimm, Alli Crimm, and Dallin McClanahan on the phone :)
*practiced the hymns on the piano
*stuck my head in the freezer cuz it was so flippin' hot in my house.
8 things I look Forward To
*Girls Camp!!!
*A Date :)
*Junior Year (crazy I know...)
*The Second Coming (yeah yeah i copied you shauni, but it's a good one!!!)
*Raising a family of my own with a hot priesthood holder. :) (but not for a long long long long long LONG LONG time!)
*family reunion or getting a job at hallmark (sadly, i can't do both.)
*seeing efy friends again
8 Things I wish I could Do
*play piano like Jon Schmidt
*See my siblings more often
*drive wherever i want to
*understand Biology and such.
*LIKE biology and stuff
*take good pictures
8 Shows I Watch
i really don't really watch tv, but when I do, i watch
*Glenn Beck
*7th Heaven reruns
*Cosby Show reruns
*The O'reilly Factor
*What Not To Wear
*House Hunters
*the movies on BYU TV

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nice to meet you, now tell me what's wrong!

A statement most definately not stated in the world we live in, however, just because it's not said, does not mean there's nothing wrong. I've heard many many times in Young Womens, "you never know what someone is going through, so you always need to treat them with respect." And I always thought, "oh, i'm good at that....I'm not quick to judge, or be mean just because." With that in mind, it never occured to me that one of my own teachers could be going through a very hard time in her life, and what I was doing, and how I was acting, was only contributing to the stress she had building up on her back.
My third period, Journalism, can be a very enjoyable class. It's of about 7 girls, and all we do is write articles and play on indesign for the school newspaper. But lets face it. Girls talk. A LOT. and every time we'd start to get loud, my teacher would yell at us for not being quiet. Yes, I know. Every teacher does that. So that was understandable. Sometimes she'd be mad at us for a really little reason, and we were always thinking, gosh! why is she being so mean to us? we didn't do anything!! She would always tell us she was in a bad mood because of the stress she had, and that things weren't getting any easier with the economy, but the other students and I hadn't stopped to think what she could really be going through.
Today, we were all sitting there, having a nice chat about what we were doing this weekend, and after a date was mentioned with a certain person, My teacher said, "he's a good kid. I wish there were older men like him." Having just recently looked at a family picture she had on her desk of her with her husband and kids, I jokingly said, "what, you don't like your husband?" And that's where it all began. She told us how she and her husband were separated and that a divorce was on the way, and that she's been practically raising her kids on her own for 6 years, and that she's given up her prep period to teach another class to earn more money because her husband refuses to help out, and with the economy highly affecting our school, she had the worry of possibly not having a job at all next year. She had to leave the room because talking about it made her cry, and all of the girls in my class looked at each other, because we all knew what we had done. It wasn't our fault she's going through the divorce and having a hard time, but we all knew that we needed to shape up. We saw the teacher that we had loathed for the whole quarter trying to cope with her HUGE problems! She tries so hard at her job, and to raise her kids, the least we could do was cut her some slack and actually respect her as a teacher. I felt so bad, I wanted to cry because I knew that I had been a brat. While we continued to work on the newspaper, Ashley, a girl in my class, and I decided that we all had to shape up. She deserved an awesome class who did 110% on everything that we did. And even though we can't erase what is happening in her life, we can make a little bit of it a little better.
I can now say, I've learned the lesson that I've had in young womens many times. You never know when someone you interact with is having a hard time in their life, especially if they hide it as well as my teacher did. They may seem like the devil to you, but when you see them cry because of a hardship, the only thing you want to do is give them a hug and apologize, even though what is going on isn't your fault. I know I shouldn't have waited to find out about her hardship to start respecting her, and I feel terrible about it. But I can promise her, that this coming newspaper is going to be the BEST one Blue Ridge has ever seen!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What month come after February? MARCH!

A funny little joke my siblings and I would do to eachother. You stand behind the person and ask the question "what month comes after February?" and you have to say "march?" And the person will kick you in the butt until you start marching. Good times....hahaha.
February was an okay month. It is the shortest month of the year, however, it went by very very slow. Nothing exciting happened, and it was all a bunch of stress. But it's over now! I have a new month and I'm looking forward to it. During spring break we get to go pick up Dallin from his Mission in Oakland California! We are all so stoked, especially my dad, since he went to the exact same mission. It will be the first time he's gone back since he came home.
This week has been all jumbled up. and everyday felt like Friday, making it so much slower than it should be. I had the reading and writing portion of the AIMS testing, which wasn't too stressful, since Reading and Writing are my preferred subjects. So the sophomores all went to school at regular time and the freshmen, juniors, and seniors all got to sleep in. I'll have my turn, so I need to shut up about how unfair it was. Thursday and Friday were typical days...I went to a party for my friend's birthday at Red Devil Pizza...and that was.... tolerable. Don't ever invite your boyfriend to your parties if your best friends are gonna be there. Because you won't talk to them, and that's a fact. So let's just say that the party was tolerable.
The weather has been beautiful these past few days!! I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'm going for a walk at the Rim Trail since I love that place so much. If anyone wants to join me, just give me a call! haha!
I just got back from one of my best friend's Court of Honor to receive his Eagle Award, and that was a really nice time! There was a picture of Chris (the friend receiving the award) and a lot of other boys who are in my ward when they were about 10-11 years old. It's crazy to think that I've been in Primary and Sunday school with them since I was 8 years old. Over the years, we've all become one big family. The boys, like Ty Johnson, Chris Brimhall, Garrett Horne, and even Kemish Zielenski are my brothers from other mothers. Most of the time I want to punch them, but I think about all of the good times and the hard times we've been through, and I am so thankful for them. The Young Women are my very best friends and I know I can go to any one of them for anything, including the leaders, and they'd be happy to help me. The Lord knows what he's doing when he inspires the stake president to put wards together. I am so thankful for my ward and the friendships that have blossomed over the past 7 years!
Well, it's sunday night and I just made an applesauce cake, so I'm going to go enjoy that. Enjoy your week everyone! March is going to be amazing!!!

-- Janae Coons

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So when I first started this blog, it was intended to be a blog about the Coons Family, hence the name, "Coons Cabin." But then...stuff just stopped happening in our family, and when things DID happen, my siblings already had it posted on their blog so I was like hey what the heck, I'm writing about myself! So I hope that you haven't been bored with me telling you all about my own life and whats going on...but hey. crap happens, and you'll get over it. And I'll be most definately updating you on the family things as well...but no promises of anything happening for a while!

Well, this week was a pretty awesome week in school!! Monday I got my Alg 2 test back and found that I got a 95% on it, and if you know me, you know that that is a very big deal for me! :D and I also got a 100% on my history test. I realized last semester when it was too late to change anything that if I really want straight A's, it's not going to happen unless I put my mind to it and not settle for less, and work my butt off. So I put my plan into action this spring semester, and so far, It's been working! My hard work is really paying off! I love when that happens! I just got this computer course called UPC (university prep center) and it basically is a ACT/SAT study program thing. Even though I am only a sophomore, it'll be good to get a headstart on it so it won't be TOO stressful when the time comes. Gosh I love high school. HAH! No, I really am enjoying high's just sometimes....yeah....nevermind. haha. Tuesday we had a Snow Day, Thursday we had shortened 3rd and 4th periods so we could have a pep assembly, friday was an early release, and then I have no school on Monday! Having this much off of school has been awesome...I just hope it's not hard to get back into the all day five days a week crap they make us put up with. =P I know, I'm such a baby!

I got back from a Bishop Youth fireside just a few hours ago and it was very entertaining! They had a newly wed couple, a middle aged couple who have been married for about 20 years, and an elder couple who have been married for 55 years talk to us about their marriages and how they came to be. It was funny to have the men tell the story, and then the women correct them on every detail! They all had very good advice! After the fireside had ended and we were all gathered around eating refreshments, a good friend of mine, Bekkah Lybbert and I were talking about how our best friends were boys. Bishop became part of our conversation and he let us know that to girls, boys will just be their best friend, but boys always look at it as more than that. They are your best friend, but if a girl showed interest in him, he would drop everything and date her. We got in a very big argument, and it just so happened that my very best guy friend was amongst the crowd. This discussion started with 3 people brought in a few more, and all of the adults said the same thing. They agree with Bishop. Even though I had a number of people tell me that your best guy friend will always see you more than a "Best friend" or "sister" I still refuse to believe that they have "feelings" for me all these years we've been friends!! But whatever... I have my guy friends and they can look at me any way they want...they jsut don't have to tell me! :)

Well, i hope everyone has a wonderful President's day! I know I will! I'm reading Tuesdays With Morrie, but haven't had much time to read w/ all of my homework and other books I am reading for english. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to read some of it! Geez, I have such an exciting life! WOOOH!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoy The Beautiful Sunshine!

Not gonna lie...Flagstaff is full of psycho hippies. I thought San Fransisco and Berkeley were the places for that...but I stand corrected. This last weekend, I got the chance to go to Flagstaff with 2 of my best friends, Maddie and Marissa, and my cousin Katelynn. We went to the basketball game on friday night, went to the White Out Dance, and then went back to Maddie's house, too tired to even make sense in what we were saying. Maddie crashed in the car...

Marissa and Katelynn woke up WAYYY earlier than Maddie and I, (we woke up at 9:45) and then we got ready and piled into the car and headed down to Flag!! I got thinking on our way to Flagstaff how incredible it is that 4 girls who are SO different can be the best of friends. Just driving there, listening to Marissa and Katelynn talk about coach and chanel, and listen to their "gangsta" music, while maddie and I talk about our classes, interesting facts about the beatles and other bands our parents listened to, while singing along to the oldies station. When we arrived in Flagstaff, the 4 of us went to the rock climbing gym, Vertical Relief.

Yes...we all climbed that really skinny one!! :)

We were assisted by a very nice and dorky man named Jason. We called him Dave until we found out his real name. :) Once we learned how to belay our partners and the rules of it all, Maddie was climbing every rock she could get her hands on, and Marissa overcame here fear of heights. Katelynn and I were partners, and we had a wonderful time. We pretty much stayed on the same level as each other, which was really nice. She had a little bit of fun while belaying me...i'd get a foot off the ground and she'd just hold the rope there so I couldn't put my feet on the ground no matter how hard I tried. Family Love....

The four of us showing off our attractive climbing shoes.

After climbing for a few hours we decided to walk around Down Town Flagstaff to find a place to eat and do a little window shopping. We strolled around trying to find a Mexican Restaurant, and then we found The Black Bean. The Cook...oh my goodness, he was my favorite. He was sporting a pink bandana over his long hair that was pulled into a ponytail! He was singing along with the radio as if nobody was watching him. The food was incredibly delicious, and it was a very good source of entertainment for the four of us.

On the way back, we did some window shopping in this boutique...and the style i would say was very "earthy." The Manager of the store definately had a sense of she had signs all around the store that said...

The clothes were very interesting... definately not something I would wear to school. The Manager was very nice however, to tell us to "Enjoy the Beautiful Sunshine" on our way out... Man, we should've eaten at the "Veggie Joint" so we could get the full effect of the hippy. Peace and Granola as Marissa and Katelynn would say. After strolling around down town, we went back to the gym and climbed until we layed on the floor, too tired to move. But then we decided to move so that we could go home! I do not have any pictures of us climbing or anything. We all wanted to fit in just a little bit at flagstaff so we didn't style our hair and put on make up. (except Katelynn of course...) so pictures of our faces were strictly not allowed! But either way...this weekend was AMAZING...and I'm glad I could tell ya'll about it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Another Update!

Be excited. No...not really...but hey. you can if you want.
So...the Coons Family has been taking life as it comes, day by day. Nothing extreme has happened in our family...yet. My Dad wrote out the last check for Dallin's mission on Sunday, which was exactly 2 months until he is home. What is he going to do when he's home? That is a good question! I'm not sure he even knows what that answer is! Whatever he does, I'm sure he'll do it because he really wants to!
On the 20th we watched the inauguration for President Barack Obama...and to not offend anyone, i'm just going to say, We're praying for America. and Not for the yellow to stay mellow, the brown to stick around, the white to embrace what's right, and the redman to stay ahead man. (if you watched the whole inauguration you'll know what i'm talking about.) But my real question is, Who made the red man red? (a little inside joke for all you wagon wheel girls campers of 2007!!!!)
Once again, not a lot has been going on! I've been going to school everyday...and just chillin! I'm learning how to Graph Quadratics, and for the first time EVER, I actually enjoyed doing my math homework tonight! crazy, i know! On saturday I'm going to Flagstaff with Marissa, Maddie, and Katelynn to celebrate Maddie's birthday! I'll be sure to post some pics!
Hope all is well with you! Love, Janae