Monday, June 29, 2009

8 things....

*tagged by Shauni*
8 things I did yesterday
*played risk with Dallin and Justin
*Went to BYC
*Played piano with Marie
*went to Relief Society
*played tetris
*talked to Johny Crimm, Alli Crimm, and Dallin McClanahan on the phone :)
*practiced the hymns on the piano
*stuck my head in the freezer cuz it was so flippin' hot in my house.
8 things I look Forward To
*Girls Camp!!!
*A Date :)
*Junior Year (crazy I know...)
*The Second Coming (yeah yeah i copied you shauni, but it's a good one!!!)
*Raising a family of my own with a hot priesthood holder. :) (but not for a long long long long long LONG LONG time!)
*family reunion or getting a job at hallmark (sadly, i can't do both.)
*seeing efy friends again
8 Things I wish I could Do
*play piano like Jon Schmidt
*See my siblings more often
*drive wherever i want to
*understand Biology and such.
*LIKE biology and stuff
*take good pictures
8 Shows I Watch
i really don't really watch tv, but when I do, i watch
*Glenn Beck
*7th Heaven reruns
*Cosby Show reruns
*The O'reilly Factor
*What Not To Wear
*House Hunters
*the movies on BYU TV