Monday, June 29, 2009

8 things....

*tagged by Shauni*
8 things I did yesterday
*played risk with Dallin and Justin
*Went to BYC
*Played piano with Marie
*went to Relief Society
*played tetris
*talked to Johny Crimm, Alli Crimm, and Dallin McClanahan on the phone :)
*practiced the hymns on the piano
*stuck my head in the freezer cuz it was so flippin' hot in my house.
8 things I look Forward To
*Girls Camp!!!
*A Date :)
*Junior Year (crazy I know...)
*The Second Coming (yeah yeah i copied you shauni, but it's a good one!!!)
*Raising a family of my own with a hot priesthood holder. :) (but not for a long long long long long LONG LONG time!)
*family reunion or getting a job at hallmark (sadly, i can't do both.)
*seeing efy friends again
8 Things I wish I could Do
*play piano like Jon Schmidt
*See my siblings more often
*drive wherever i want to
*understand Biology and such.
*LIKE biology and stuff
*take good pictures
8 Shows I Watch
i really don't really watch tv, but when I do, i watch
*Glenn Beck
*7th Heaven reruns
*Cosby Show reruns
*The O'reilly Factor
*What Not To Wear
*House Hunters
*the movies on BYU TV


Shauni said...

8 things:
1) Playing risk with two boys sounds like torture.
2)Did you talk to Johnny, Alli, and Dallin all at the same time?
3) It can't possibly be THAT hot in your house! You live in Lakeside!
4) Aren't you a little young for Relief Society?
5) If you wait that long to raise a family with a hot priesthood holder, you'll have to be like thirty years older than him.
6) That stinks that Hallmark won't hire you if you want to go to the family reunion.
7) My junior year was my best year of high school.
8) I wish I could like biology more...especially because i'm married to someone who loves it!

Regis said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo biology cartoons!

djdjgh said...

im in tech class right now and was unlucky enough to come across this page. have you ever noticed how glenn beck NEVER tells you his sources. in the latest protests in washington he said there was about 2 million people based on a college study but oops....he "forgot" which college it was! whoa! by the way there were an estimated 70k people there...not 2 mil hahaha. maybe try listening to more than one tv network too, where i come from people HATE you for being that ignorant. i bet you're all self righteous and shit too...i come from a fully mormon family but i realized something that every mormon has in common...the ability to let others fully manipulate them. its pathetic. and if you're wrong in an argument, you ALWAYS have to just stick with your guns cuz YOU'RE the one who's always right. k bye my teachers coming lol