Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Another Update!

Be excited. No...not really...but hey. you can if you want.
So...the Coons Family has been taking life as it comes, day by day. Nothing extreme has happened in our family...yet. My Dad wrote out the last check for Dallin's mission on Sunday, which was exactly 2 months until he is home. What is he going to do when he's home? That is a good question! I'm not sure he even knows what that answer is! Whatever he does, I'm sure he'll do it because he really wants to!
On the 20th we watched the inauguration for President Barack Obama...and to not offend anyone, i'm just going to say, We're praying for America. and Not for the yellow to stay mellow, the brown to stick around, the white to embrace what's right, and the redman to stay ahead man. (if you watched the whole inauguration you'll know what i'm talking about.) But my real question is, Who made the red man red? (a little inside joke for all you wagon wheel girls campers of 2007!!!!)
Once again, not a lot has been going on! I've been going to school everyday...and just chillin! I'm learning how to Graph Quadratics, and for the first time EVER, I actually enjoyed doing my math homework tonight! crazy, i know! On saturday I'm going to Flagstaff with Marissa, Maddie, and Katelynn to celebrate Maddie's birthday! I'll be sure to post some pics!
Hope all is well with you! Love, Janae

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well... I really don't have a lot to say, but my fingers were cramping so i thought i'd type. not really...I just feel like telling everybody about my life. since it's ya know, so interesting!
Well, new semester, which means new classes that i actually enjoy!
I have:
1 period: American/Arizona History....which i find interesting! It'll be a good class.
2 period: Algebra 2 with Mrs. Hall- i am so glad she teaches this class or else i'd hate it! :D
3 period: Journalism 2! It's a fun class, and i have it with my best friend Marissa! the teacher is going to hate us by the time the semseter is over!
4 period: English 2 College Prep - this class is fun, but my teacher is a 24 year old single male....and lets just say that some girls laugh a little TOO hard and the stuff he says...even when it's not funny. Marissa is in this class with me as well! :D
Speaking of Marissa, she has a blog now ... it's! take a look!!

all in all, it'll be a good semester and I'm hoping, praying, and will work my hardest so that i can get straight A's!

My friend Rizek from EFY came down to Show Low to stay with his cousins this past weekend, and he got to join my friends and I for a fun party at my friend Ashley's house! (he knows her from EFY as well) and then a stake dance! it was a really good time and so fun to have that little piece of efy here for a short amount of time!

I'm patiently waiting for the snow to melt. I've always loved snow until i got my i hate it! I've had my share of slipping and sliding, and I hope that i'm done for this year!!!

Well - I hope everybody has a wonderful week!!

Love, Janae!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wonderful Kick-Off To The New Year!

WooHoo!! Another year starting!! We hope everyone had a wonderful new years celebration, and hopefully this coming year will bring you lots of joy. I spent New Year's Eve at the Church to watch a fire side and enjoy a dance! It was very enjoyable, and a lot bigger than the stake dances usually are!! But lets backup a week or so, shall we?
We had a nice Christmas with some of the family here! It was probably the quietest Christmas we have ever had, but what can you do? Come what may and love it, right? We don't have pictures...we never do. sorry. We aren't real "shutter-bugs" but maybe I'll start....anyway....
Shauni and Jordan moved down to Glendale the day after Christmas. The roads were crazy, and icy, but they finally made it. They're getting settled into their apartment and they love their new ward. They've been able to see Nathan and Corri a lot since they've moved down there! My Parents and I went down New Years Day to visit. It was a short visit, but it was fun! Tanner is such a cute little boy! He's a good mix of his Mom and Dad, and simply adorable! We spent the night at Nathan and Corri's, and the next day was a BLAST! hah. My dad wore out a suit for the first time in his entire life within the last few years,(you'd think he was bishop for 6 years or something.) so he went to buy a new one! WOHOOOOO! I couldn't even contain my excitement. So we loaded up the car, said goodbye to the family, and headed out to Pomeroys.
The ride home was truly an adventure in itself! about 15 minutes after we hit the road, I started feeling a little queasy, but i knew it wasn't motion sickness, as we were only in the car for a short amount of time! but whatever it was, i spent the whole ride home, and even after we got home, throwing up every ten minutes until 1 am. My mom got it too, and then we found out that Nathan and Corri spent their night doing the same thing we did! We're all feeling better, but I'm really dehydrated, and have a bad headache so I'm home from school. I've been trying to think of creative ways to get hydrated without downing water every hour...which is why my lips are stained with Cherry Popsicle. Well, I know you are all jealous of the way i ended my Christmas Break! I'm very excited for my second semester, because i have all the classes that I enjoy, and that I'm actually good at, so I'll have a good time.
With being sick this past weekend, i had nothing to do except watch movies and read. I watched both the old and the newer version of Little Women, to do a little comparing and contrasting. Even though i absolutely LOVE the old one, and I like it more than the new one, the new one hit me in a way that it's never hit me before! You know how every time you watch a movie or read something you get something different out of it? Well, i just had this experience with Little Women. There was a part towards the end of the movie, when Jo was writing her novel, and she said something about the good times that they used to have, and how things were different, but they can still enjoy their lives just the same, just in a different way. I don't remember what she said verbatim, but when it was said, it just hit me. With my siblings all growing up and spreading their wings, it was hard, because we couldn't all sit around and play together like we used to. There are a lot of things that we could do when we were all younger and living together, but now, we have so many more things to celebrate! We've had additions to our family since 2004, and it hasn't stopped yet! I have a missionary brother out in California and his letters and pictures keep me laughing! Even though it's not the same as the "Good Ol' Days" and not everything is as easy, we still enjoy ourselves. It doesn't do any good to wish things were like they used to, because it's not going to be the same. You've just gotta enjoy what's going on in life right now, and look forward to the future! "You can make the pathway bright!"
Well, I kinda went off on a tangent there, but I hope this post finds you all healthy & Happy! Good day! Janae Coons